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    I was born on Staten Island and raised near the harbor, where haunting medleys of foghorns often drifted up from the misty bay.  Growing up in an old Victorian home on Vanderbilt Avenue and an apartment on Westervelt Avenue have provided me with  many wonderful memories about which I write today.
    Other places I have lived include: Harbor View North Apartments at 60 Hamilton Ave., the Grymes Hill Apartments and the Silver Lake Arms at 800 Victory Boulevard. I attended PS14, PS16 then graduated from Curtis HS in 1968.
    Now living in Florida, I write for the Florida Today and Star-Advocate newspapers as well as inspirational publications.

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I have written a book based on my family's experiences on Staten Island.  It is available online
from Authorhouse.

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From time to time, I will be adding other articles about Staten Island to these pages...

Column "Ground Zero" revisited.

Column  written after the vicious attacks of 11 September on the World Trade Center.

Veteran's Day Column  written for Veteran's Day in the Star-Advocate newspaper, Titusville, FL.

Vanderbilt Avenue Revisited Column  written after recently revisiting former home on Vanderbilt Avenue.

The Doctor Is In Doctor Johnson  treated the people of Staten Island regardless of their ability to pay.
Welcome Home Article  about childhood experiences at 120 Vanderbilt Avenue.

Missing photograph 

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