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The Face Behind the Veil
New Novel Follows Three Generations of Women Through Amazing Journeys
 TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Each generation faces new challenges, but moral and spiritual struggles of the individual seem consistent no matter when one is born. Flora Reigada explores the inner conflicts that accompany changing times in The Face Behind the Veil (now available through Authorhouse).   
    In three sections, The Face Behind the Veil details the lives and Jewish roots of three eccentric but warm- hearted women. The book begins in New York with “Naomi’s Story.” She enters the world shrouded in part of her embryonic sac, a “birth veil” considered by many to be a sign of a prophet. On more than one occasion, Naomi is visited by a mysterious guest that could prove to be a Holy visitor. “Naomi’s Story” takes readers through the hardships of the Great Depression and World War II and explores her colorful group of family and friends. With a suspenseful conclusion, this section leads into “Rebecca’s Story,” which tells the story of Naomi’s daughter.
    Rebecca is born during a violent thunderstorm, continuing Reigada’s theme of mysterious beginnings. In her early years, Rebecca enjoys life with her mother in an old Victorian home but suffers nightmares and senses the presence of both good and evil, which seem to be battling for her very soul. Rebecca’s family situation later explodes into violence and poverty. In a constant attempt to find love, she turns to drugs, alcohol and the occult before finding romance with an Hispanic man, who adds another layer of culture to the story. After a series of hardships, she accepts Jesus into her life and discovers the power of religion.
    “Enter Teresa,” opens with the birth of Rebecca’s daughter and continues the spiritual struggle of the previous two generations. Tension between mother and daughter motivates Teresa to seek her own happiness. Eventually, she discovers the love of Jesus and devotes her life to the Catholic church.
    An intricate and captivating tale that weaves significant historical events with spiritual awakenings, The Face Behind the Veil entertains readers of all generations.
    Reigada is an award-winning writer and a newspaper columnist for the Star-Advocate in Titusville, Fla. Under the pen name Laura Rodriguez, she co-authored a devotional book, Loss of a Relationship, for Broadman & Holman Publishers, a Christian publishing company.

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